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  • July 22, 2020 5:24 PM | Anonymous

    Friends of the Engineers Club of Lincoln,

    I'm reaching out with an update on club happenings. Please find the attached letter to members and contacts. Of key contents, the ECL 2020 golf outing is being cancelled. Please reach out with any questions or thoughts. 

    July 2020 Club Update Letter_ns.pdf

    We hope everyone is having a good summer and is staying healthy! We're looking forward to seeing everyone together once again!

    Ross Barron

    Club President 2020

  • February 19, 2020 4:47 PM | Anonymous

    My first post provided a quick intro on the purpose of the website and the goals for it's implementation and use. This post is going to be more on the how-to front. I'm going to cover the basics as it's pretty intuitive.

    1. Membership tab should be your first stop. 
    2. Sign up, provide current contact information, and pay dues online (otherwise I'll send you an invoice or decline your membership :) )
    3. Once you're a member, in the upper right hand of every screen is a log-in link.
    4. Be sure you're logged in and register for upcoming events.

    Honestly, that's it for the official stuff. If every there are thoughts for improvements or if you'd like to air some grievances (preferably wait for Dec. 23rd to do so), please email the club leadership at our new email address shown at the bottom of the page.

    Other than that, the new website has some solid information to let non-members know who we are, what our purpose is, and how to get engaged. 

    I'd like each and every one of us to treat today, tomorrow, and the next week as a membership drive. I hope to speak to that a bit further in future posts or at meetings, but we've simply got to do a better job of getting the word out and getting people looped in.

    I look forward to seeing old and new members join through the website!! 

    -Ross Barron, Club President 2020

  • January 22, 2020 7:24 PM | Ross Barron (Administrator)

    Welcome to the new online home for the Engineers Club of Lincoln!!

    Plenty of discussions have been had in the past about the Club's need to upgrade into a more modern online environment. Well, I'm proud to announce that day has finally come! I wanted to take a moment to inform our membership regarding the reasons for the change and what's new.

    The reasons for the shift was to modernize our club's image, improve membership tracking, simplify event/member registration and payment, and provide an improved platform for updates;  all with the hopes of expanding membership and improving the experience for existing members. I think the platform chosen satisfies these needs well. For those interested, we are utilizing an online tool, Wild Apricot, to manage and perform all of these duties. We do pay a fee to automate and simplify our administration of membership and event tracking, however it is minimal when compared to the time-savings provided to the volunteers who administrate the club. If anyone would like me to explain the cost breakdown further, I can do it simply, please reach out. An additional benefit we realized is it offers a consistent platform to our rotating leadership team. In my experience, this will greatly simplify the ability for leaders to enter their position and focus on the key impacts that will benefit the organization.

    There isn't a ton of content on the new website yet, but I welcome you to explore what we have been able to update. There are plenty of more features that will be added in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned for updates. I think all of our members (and guests) should explore the "Our Programs" page to remind each of us the benefits this organization provides to the City of Lincoln. The key focus in the short-term will be the Event Registration. Hopefully it's fairly self-explanatory, but I may post an instructional blog post to help walk users through it. 

    I think I'll continue to explore the new found function to post to this page. So if there are any topics related to how to use this site, or features that would be great to have, please contact our group's email and we'll do our best to address them through this section. We'll see if we can send out an email....but I'm not a fan of long emails, so hopefully we can just point here for solutions. 

    Thanks Everyone. Looking forward to serving you in this year's new adventures.

    -Ross Barron, Club President 2020 

    "too long, didn't read" - Brandon

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